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Greg Sumii - Booking Request

Thank you for your consideration!

     Huge thanks to everyone that has supported my tattoo career over the years. It’s been such an honor to have been blessed with the opportunity to put my mark on all the interesting, awesome and sometimes pain in the ass clients - I  truly appreciate you all. 

     Over the past decade I've worked tirelessly to build Liquid Fetish and our amazing crew - while also maintaining a very large volume of clientele. I am very grateful for the success and growth we have experienced as a result, however, all of which has come at some very high personal, physical, and professional costs.

     The past couple years have greatly impacted business, personal health, as well as family -  as it has for each and everyone of you to varying degrees. It has however allowed me to see my life and career through a much different lens; which in turn has led to a renewed focus on spending more time with family, personal enrichment, and to seek new horizons in my journey as an artist.

     This year I reached a decade in tattooing and felt it a worthy milestone to end my previous booking structure, to begin a new one that better supports my priorities, need for artistic growth, and commitment to my clients. My books are officially now open, and the new structure is as follows:

Tattoo Submissions


I will be limited on what I take on. I will ONLY accept Portraits (Both animal and people), Outdoor Landscapes, and large scale themed projects wherein I am given full creative control. In efforts to ensure that I am fully invested and creatively motivated, I will be pretty selective in what I choose to take on. In the event I pass on any idea, I will provide a referral to the Liquid Fetish artist I feel would be the best fit for that style and tattoo design.



With my old structure coming to an end, all grandfathered rates will no longer stand for previous clients. I will however honor old rates for any ongoing projects that require additional work to complete; once completed, that rate will end and any new projects will fall under the new structure.


Full Day Booking: $1000 Includes a full day of consulting, designing, and tattooing. Up to 5hrs of needle time* 

Half Day Booking: $700 - Includes consulting, designing, and tattooing. Up to 3.5 hrs of needle time*

Hourly: $180/hr - hourly rates will only be available on special circumstance continuation appointments

Portraits: $700/minimum - Most will remain at the minimum price. Those larger in size or with extra detail that run longer than 4hrs will be charged the hourly rate for any additional time after 4hrs


*depending on client’s desired time to be tattooed. Any additional

time beyond 5hrs wilL be charged at the hourly rate

Custom Designs: $TBD - I'll be creating custom themed designs periodically that will be posted up for grabs  on IG and offered at a set price. These projects will have the option to be completed in back to back days, or can be broken up into multiple appointments.



Deposits will not be required to secure a date for accepted submissions, but a $300/NON REFUNDABLE deposit will be required 3 days before the appointment when you are contacted to confirm your appt. The $300 will apply to the upcoming appointment as a credit.



This new structure is designed to avoid booking out a year or further as I have been and aim to have booking availability closer to 6 months. I will also be making all project continuation appts available within 4 weeks following each previous appointment (or longer if the client prefers), as well as back to back days for those interested. For those who prefer to knock out a large project in 2 back to back days, I will offer this option in the booking process.




What if what I want is small or under the half day timeframe, can I pay hourly?  No sorry, there are only full or half day rate options, so if it takes 2hrs, you will pay the half day rate. Similarly, if you book a Full day, and your tattoo takes less than 5 hours, or if you decide to cut it short, you will still pay the Full day rate. The same applies to portraits that are completed in less than 4 hrs - the $700/portrait minimum will be the price.


If we are working on a large project that requires multiple appointments, can I choose to book shorter duration continuation appts?  Yes, after the initial Full Day appointment to start a large project, you will have the option to book either full or half day continuation appointments. 

After I pay the $300 deposit 3 days before my appointment, if I choose to cancel or reschedule what happens to my deposit?  Unfortunately, the deposit will be forfeited. If it is a cancellation or a no show, you may be subjected to re-submitting and starting the booking process over again. If it is a reschedule after confirmation of the appointment, a new date will be given but a new $300 deposit will be required 3 days before the new date. So please, please be sure you understand this before you book, and if you anticipate the date not working as it approaches, you can ask to reschedule at no cost or risk of losing a deposit as long as it is before 3 days of your appointment.


Thank you, if you’ve read, understand, and agree to the terms - let’s get started! Fill out the form below to submit today!

Booking Request




Thanks for submitting!

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