Booking Request for Greg Sumii

Thank you for your consideration!

I've found myself booked much further than I could have imagined - though it is ultimately a good problem to have, it nonetheless is a still a problem I’m constantly trying to solve.

As an artist Ive come to a place where Im realizing my need to grow and further develop. I've put so much time and energy into building the company, it's now time for me to attribute that same passion in developing my artistry. So to do that I'll be much more selective in the size and style of tattoos I accept*, as well as respectfully require that I'm given creative control with your idea.


For those I do not or cannot accept, I stand confident in our team of artists to be more than capable of delivering the same quality and service that I maintain as a standard for Liquid Fetish ... if not better.

                                                   **NOTICE UPDATE**

Unfortunately my books are still CURRENTLY CLOSED and as much as I was hoping to reopen Jan 2021, I still find myself unable to. I hope to reopen in the near future, but for now I must focus on my ongoing projects and current bookings that have grown beyond 2021. I would like to however HIGHLY suggest these other LF Resident artists that also specialize in Black and Grey Realism, all of which are nothing short of amazing and I stand confident on the fact that they will leave any customer extremely pleased.

RUSH // @rush559 // Booking request text line: 559-554-7892

Gabe // @theegabrielgunz // 626-627-7793

CRIO // @crio_559 // 559-904-1168 // Booking requests

Matt // @matthewadam_c.k // 559-720-4094

* I'll be focusing on Black & Grey Realism and Portraiture, however it won't hurt to submit other styles as I will give every submission consideration. I'll also be focusing on only larger pieces (5+hours).