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liquid fetish studio (LFD)

Award-winning custom tattoo studio specializing in a wide range of styles. By appointment only. Consultations are encouraged and offered at no cost. There’s nothing here that can’t be done unless it shouldn’t be done. 


LOCATION: Downtown Fresno / 1416 Broadway st. B, Fresno, CA 93721

PHONE:  Shop (559) 266-4653(INKD) 


SOCIAL: Liquid Fetish / IG: #LiquidFetish , @LiquidFetishTattoo

RESIDENT ARTISTS: Greg Sumii (FB: Greg Sumii // IG: @sumii_liquidfetishtattoo), RUSH (FB: Rush Tattooartist // IG: @rush559), Lisa Marie (FB: Lisa Marie // IG: @lisa_marie_lf_ink), Daniel Barbarin (FB: Daniel Barbarin // IG: @dbarbarin

DAYS: Tues - Sat (Days vary by appts)

HOURS: 12pm - 8pm (Hours vary by appts)

CONSLULTATIONS: Contact artists direct to arrange 


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