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Kitty Cosmonaut's Tattoo Protip Post #1:


The Sun and Skin Preparation

It's fairly common knowledge that we want to keep our fresh tattoos out of direct sunlight for the first 2-3 weeks and after about a month you can start preserving the quality of your ink by sun blocking it when adventuring outside, especially in the summer.

However, staying out of the sun BEFORE your tattoo appointment is just as important. If you are sunburned, most professional artists will NOT tattoo you and have you reschedule if you come in, so spare everyone the trouble by applying sunblock or rescheduling at least 48 HOURS in advance so your artist can adjust their work schedule as well. Even if your burn is mild, your artist does not want to put you through the discomfort or risk the quality of your ink by working with already traumatized skin- SO, When in doubt, RESCHEDULE.

A less common gem of knowledge is PRETREATING your skin leading up to the appointment. This entails moisturizing the skin, with a focus on where you will be worked on, with lotions and oils to make it better to receive the ink in your appointment. This is not required, but highly recommended, as getting tattooed with dry skin can cause extra discomfort.

Healthy skin is happy skin and happy skin loves ink!

So practice fun in the sun responsibly, maintain a healthy epidermis, and if you did get even a mild burn, don't wait for your artist to tell you, just reschedule.

Want me to write about something or have a question?

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