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Kitty Cosmonaut's Tattoo Protip Post #2



The key to getting a great tattoo is finding a good, clean shop and a talented, capable artist for the job at hand. The key to maintaining your masterpiece for years to come comes down to those initial 2-4 weeks of healing and aftercare. So here is a basic run down of some DOs, DONTs, and Other Information. At the end of this, I encourage any of you with questions on this matter to ask in the comments so myself or any of our other LF artists may answer them for you.



DONT use Vaseline, Petroleum jelly or petro-based lotions, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, Neosporin, or scented lotions. DONT rub, scratch, or pick at your tattoo. DONT expose to direct sunlight (after 3-4 you can begin applying sunblock) DONT submerge in water (baths, pools, ocean/lake, and saunas) DONT put bandage or keep covered; tattoo needs to breathe. DONT take your friend/neighbor/brother/cousin/uncle/etc advice on your tattoo unless they are a PROFESSIONAL and LICENSED tattoo artist; more often than not they are providing with you with false/misinformed information that can slow or complicate the healing process.

DO keep tattoo clean and sanitzed by washing with antibacterial soap (Dial Gold) DO keep tattoo clean and DRY (up to first 4 days) and then DRY and MOISTURIZED with non scented lotion. DO take it slow- Your body is doing some really cool internal things to heal itself, so help it out by relaxing and avoiding extra strenuous activity (including the gym). DO consult with your artist or shop if you notice or feel anything out of the ordinary with your tattoo (ex: inflammation that won't cease).

OTHER INFO: Healing times vary from person to person and piece to piece, so these are more of general guidelines to help you through your healing journey with your tattoos. Some artists will request you use a certain method of healing and we suggest that you listen to your artist on how to care for your ink. We promote a dry method for the first 2-4 days, but other artists/shops prefer other ways of doing things or they provide their client's with transparent, hypoallergenic adhesive films (i.e. Saniderm, Tegaderm) that can be worn up to a week at a time.

No matter what method you use, cleanliness and a balance of attention and leaving your tattoo be are key to letting your ink set in your skin for years to come!

Don't forget to drop your questions or suggestions for next weeks post in the comments! Till next week Liquid Lovers!


#tattoos #aftercare #healing

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