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Kitty Cosmonaut's Tattoo Protip Post #3:


OK, you know you want a tattoo and you have a shop or artist in mind, so what next?

Before approaching a shop or artist make sure you:

1- HAVE A SOLID IDEA. You'd be shocked at how many people walk into a shop wanting a tattoo but not knowing how to articulate the concept and bringing no reference art for the artist to get an idea of what's in their head. While talented, Artists are not mind readers and they don't expect you to be experts in art terms, but they do have an expectation that you can describe what you are wanting or can at least provide some reference images to help explain what you are wanting to get. So whether its on your phone (saved in its own folder of Tattoo Reference images), printed out, or a verbal explanation, be prepared to share your vision with an artist or assistant.

2- RESEARCH Pt 1. Research the style you want your tattoo in and the artists that specialize in that style. For example, if you are wanting a realism piece but your current artist does traditional, then ask them for suggestions of good artists that specialize in the different style you're wanting; most artists will be happy to help point you in the right direction. Instagram is another good resource to research shops, styles, and artists but nothing beats word of mouth. If approached appropriately, most members of the tattoo community are happy to tell you who did their ink and to shed light on the booking process for their artist/shop in case you are interested in booking with their artist.

3- RESEARCH Pt 2. Now that you have an idea of how you want your tattoo to be, the next step is Who you want to do it. You have already asked around and read up on the artist you want so now it's time to get all the information on booking and pricing. Many artist's social media pages will have a note of how far out they are booking, so make it a point to find out how far the artist you want to book with may be. You can ask former/ongoing clients, but nothing beats calling or emailing a shop or artist directly for the details. Some shops/artists are booking a year or more out at a time and have certain processes in place to make booking easier with them.

**INQUIRY BONUS PROTIP: When submitting your inquiry for a tattoo please include your NAME, NUMBER OR EMAIL, TATTOO CONCEPT, ARTIST REQUEST, and any other questions you may have.**

4- CONTACT. Walk in, or Call or Email to get the ball rolling! Many artists and shops require a deposit for booking and have their own way of handling inquiries (as we discovered in part 2 of our Research) so just go with the flow of whichever shop you are booking at and don't be afraid to ask questions. Most deposits are non refundable so make sure you are clear on deposit and booking policies before placing your deposit and making your appointment.

5- BOOK or KEEP LOOKING. If the shop or artist you inquired to first is not for you, keep looking and asking around. If they are, then book your appointment and stay tuned for my APPOINTMENT PREPAREDNESS PROTIP POST coming soon!


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